Fee Distribution

Fee distribution is transparent for Rollie.

  • 60% to $RLP holders

  • 30% to $ROLI stakers

  • 10% to Rollie Treasury

Staking $ROLI will entitle the holder to 30% of the protocol fee distribution, on top of possible $esROLI emissions (rate to be determined periodically).

What is $esROLI?

Rollie also introduces Escrowed $ROLI ($esROLI), a tokenized form of $ROLI locked in our smart contract. Users who provide liquidity to the platform via Rollie's "Stake" page and stake their $ROLI earn $ esROLI as an additional reward. This incentive makes the platform more attractive to traders and increases trading volume.

This unique $esROLI token is earned by staking $ROLI in our smart contract; users can continue to earn trading fee rewards while their tokens are staked. In turn, $esRF can be staked and earn more $esROLI. This makes $esRF a versatile and valuable asset, providing users with additional options for earning passive income while contributing to the platform's liquidity.

Finally, the protocol fees are paid in USDT, a stablecoin on the Scroll network, the next-generation zkEVM Layer 2 scaling solution. This ensures that the platform fees are stable and predictable and provides a seamless trading experience for users.

In summary, $esROLI is a unique and valuable token that incentivizes liquidity provision and represents an interest in the staked $ROLI tokens. Stablecoin payments further increase its utility and value. This makes it an essential part of Rollie's ecosystem and supports its overall goal. More utilities will be added to $ROLI and $esROLI as Rollie grows!

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