$esROLI Vesting

Escrowed ROLI ($esROLI) is vital in providing stability and security to Rollie's tokenomics. The platform can mitigate market volatility and reduce sell-side pressure by locking a portion of ROLI tokens in a smart contract and gradually releasing them. This stability benefits ROLI holders and creates a more attractive trading and investment environment for users.

Furthermore, $esROLI introduces compelling long-term incentives for ROLI holders. By incentivizing users to retain their tokens and actively engage in platform governance and liquidity provision, Rollie cultivates a robust community and stimulates continuous involvement. These elements are instrumental in the ecosystem's growth and advancement.

Undoubtedly, $esROLI is a pivotal mechanism underpinning Rollie's platform and token's stability, sustainability, and long-term triumph. Its role is not just significant but indispensable, emphasizing the urgency for our audience to comprehend its importance in Rollie's overall success.

Rollie has a vesting/conversion mechanism for $esROLI over a specific period, allowing users to convert their $esROLI to $ROLI tokens to be used outside the Rollie Finance platform. For conversion/vesting, you will need the average amount of $ROLI you used to obtain your $esROLI in your wallet, which will be reserved in your account during the conversion duration. Reserved tokens cannot be sold during this period but will continue to earn rewards as if you are staking your $ROLI tokens. After initiating vesting, the $esROLI tokens will be converted to $ROLI every second (pro rata) and be fully converted over 365 days. $esROLI tokens converted into $ROLI are claimable at any time. If you wish to sell your reserved $ROLI before vesting, use the "Withdraw" button on the "Stake" page; partial withdrawals are not supported.

To learn how to earn more $esROLI with $esROLI within the Rollie platform, please go to the "Stake $esROLI" section. As you know, governance with $ROLI and $esROLI has yet to be made live.

How do you convert $esROLI to $ROLI?

  1. Get $esROLI from staking $ROLI (see "Stake $ROLI" section).

  2. Connect your Metamask wallet to Rollie Finance by clicking the "Connect" button in the upper right corner.

  3. Go to the "Stake" tab of our website, select the "$ROLI" tab, and go to "esROLI - Conversion."

  4. Enter "the number of $esROLI" you wish to convert.

  5. Please make sure you have the required $ROLI tokens in your wallet.

  6. Hit "convert," confirm the transaction on your wallet, and let your $esROLI work for you & come back after the specified duration to claim your $ROLI!

  7. Your reserved $ROLI will continue to earn rewards here as if it's staked!

  8. Your "Vesting Status" shows a claimable amount of $ROLI over the total amount of $ROLI you will get at the end of the vesting period.

  9. Your "Claimable" is your current amount of $ROLI. Note that the vesting amount of $esROLI and the claimable amount of $ROLI do not accrue rewards.

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