๐Ÿ‘ฏReferral System

The Rollie Referral program is an exciting opportunity for new and existing users to participate in the growth of Rollie Finance and be rewarded for their efforts. Here are the details of our referral program:

  1. Referral Rewards: Users who sign up through your unique referral link will permanently link their account to your referral address. As a result, all trades executed on their account will enjoy a discount while you earn rebates from their trading fees.

  2. Lifetime Fee Discounts: As a trader, you can benefit from up to 20% lifetime fee discounts. These discounts will be applied to your trading fees, allowing you to save on transaction costs.

  3. Lifetime Rebates: As a referrer, you will receive lifetime rebates of up to 20% from the trading fees of the users you refer. These rebates will be paid out to you in USDC, giving you an additional source of income.

  4. Simple Participation: Participating in the referral program is straightforward. Visit the referral page on Rollie Finance, connect your MetaMask wallet, and sign up as a referrer. You can then copy your unique referral link and share it with others on social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram, or Facebook. We also provide social media sharing options to help amplify the visibility of your referral link.

  5. Tiered Referrer Program: We value our community members and reward them accordingly. Upon signing up, all users automatically become tier 1 referrers. If you have a significant existing follower base and are interested in becoming a Tier 2 referrer, you can submit an application form providing information about your followers. Tier 2 referrers receive additional benefits and rewards.

Join our vibrant community today and start earning rewards as we grow together. For more detailed information on our referral program and the tier list, please take a look at the provided tier list below (coming soon).

Each account gets 5 referral codes from the get-go, for extra referral codes, each costs 10 ROLLs.

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