How to get ROLLs?

Before starting to earn ROLLs, you need to complete the tasks here

  1. Link your wallet

  2. Follow @rolliefinance on X

  3. Connect & Join Rollie Finance Discord

  4. Enter the invite code (get the invite code in invite-code channel in Discord )

The social account unbinding (X, Discord) is unavailable now. Please make sure you connect to the right account.

After finishing social tasks, you can start earning ROLLs by completing daily missions here

Daily Missions

  • Check-in - Daily check-in

  • Tweet - Daily tweet about Rollie Finance

  • Referral - Refer your friend to win more ROLLs, full explanation here

Each account comes with 5 referral codes. Every extra new referral code costs 10 ROLLs

Golden Missions

  • Stake - Stake on Rollie Finance, full explanation here

  • Trade - Trade on Rollie Finance, full explanation here

More details coming soon...

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