Opening Trades

To open a trade on Rollie Finance:

  1. Make sure you have USDC (as collateral for trading) and ETH (for gas fee) on Scroll Mainnet. Otherwise, you learn how to obtain them [here].

  2. Make sure your Metamask wallet is switched to Scroll Mainnet. If this is your first time using Scroll Mainnet or Metamask, follow this Tutorial to set things up.

  3. Go to Rollie.Finance and click "Trade" to access the trading interface.

  4. Make sure you have a Metamask wallet connected to the Rollie Finance platform. If you haven't connected your wallet yet, click the "Connect" button in the upper right corner.

  5. Select the "Trade" tab to access the trading interface.

  6. Select the asset you want to trade on the left. For example, select the ETH/USD trading pair to trade ETH. You can also "star" your favorite trading pair for easy access. All the assets supported can also be found here in the Pairs List.

  7. Select the appropriate trade parameters, including:

    1. Trade and order type: long (buy) or short (sell);

    2. Market, limit, or stop limit order execution types;

    3. Collateral settings: the maximum amount you are willing to undertake in case of liquidation;

    4. Leverage multiplier settings;

    5. Max slippage (for market order);

    6. Optional stop-loss or take-profit orders.

  8. If you enter the amount of asset you want to trade under "Position Size" and set the "Leverage" you wish to apply for this trade. The trading interface will automatically calculate the "Collateral" in USDC you must pay for this trade.

  9. Confirm the details of the trade and submit your transaction. You will be prompted to authorize the transaction using your Metamask wallet. (If it's your first trade, you must authorize the contract before using USDC in your wallet. Press the approve button to complete the transaction and continue authorizing your trade's actual transaction.)

  10. Wait for the confirmation prompt in your web3 wallet. After submitting the transaction, you might receive multiple confirmation requests and must authorize all before the trade appears on the front-end dashboard's Orders sections.

  11. Once the transaction is confirmed on your Metamask wallet, you will see your order under "Pending Orders," "Open Orders," or "Order History," depending on whether the order has been executed and/or closed.

  12. Your trade request is initiated when it reaches the network and executes once the Pyth oracle provides that the current price matches your set parameter(s).

  13. In cases where the maximum open interest or net open interest limit is reached, limit orders will be queued in the system and executed once both the maximum open interest and price conditions are met.

  14. By following these steps, you can begin trading on Rollie Finance. Double-check your trade parameters to minimize errors or losses before executing an order. Happy Rollie Trading!

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