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What is RLP Vault?

RLP Vault is a USDC vault, with each RLP (ERC20), a transferrable token representing a share of the RLP Vault and, in turn, the underlying USDC assets in the vault. Users can stake USDC into the vault to earn trading fees.

The vault will get a portion of the trading fees. Please check the Tokenomics section for the latest updates. Hence, the RLP token holder will get a pro-rata share of the relevant trading fees according to their RLP amount.

The vault's primary function is to act as the counterparty to all trades made on Rollie Finance. Hence, if traders lose (negative PnL for the traders), the stakers (RLP holders) will earn a positive return plus the trading fees. Further, even if the traders win (positive PnL for traders), as long as fees earned are more significant than PnL payouts, stakers earn a positive return.

How is the RLP price calculated?

RLP is calculated by the USDC balance added by the accrued fees and trader's cumulative profits and losses, then divided by the outstanding RLP.

How do you stake USDC into RLP Vault? In other words, how to mint/get RLP?

  1. To stake USDC into RLP Vault, connect your Metamask wallet to Rollie by clicking "Connect" on the upper right corner of the website.

  2. Go to the "Stake" tab, enter "the amount of USDC" you wish to stake, and then click "Stake" to start earning trading fees.

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