Native @Scroll_ZKP Perp DEX. Leverage trading & prediction markets on crypto, forex, commodities, & RWA.


Rollie Finance is the first native perpetual decentralized exchange (perp dex) on Scroll Mainnet, one of the most secure, cheapest transaction fees, showcasing the fastest finality of any zkEVM Ethereum scaling Layer 2 live in the market. Because of these characteristics of Scroll, Rollie Finance can offer unmatched low gas fees, hyper capital efficiency, transparency, security, and, most importantly, a user-centric interface.

In a nutshell:

  1. Non-custodial - no deposit and no signup; users control their funds;

  2. Top-level on-chain security - built on Scroll zkEVM;

  3. Fair - real-time median spot prices by Pyth decentralized oracle network;

  4. Crypto, forex, commodities & RWA (coming soon);

  5. HAM mode - 1000x leverage (coming soon);

  6. Capital efficiency - lowest gas fees (thanks to ZK-infra), competitive trading fees, single USDC vault for all trading pairs (no order book segregated liquidity);

  7. Simple user experience - built by traders for traders;

  8. Fully transparent & decentralized - 100% on-chain execution.

Social Trading

For traders, Rollie Finance covers crypto, forex, commodities & RWA on up to 1000x in our HAM mode (coming soon). Our goal is to form a fully transparent, simple, and symbiotic ecosystem where professional traders can earn trading fees and profits through our simple copy trading interface (coming soon), which will also allow beginner traders to quickly maximize their profit through copy trading their favorite professional trader(s).


For liquidity providers, you can earn trading fees by providing $USDC into our Vault and receive $RLP, a liquidity token representing a share of the ownership of the underlying $USDC assets. The vault will act as a counterparty pool on Rollie FInance, making a profit when leverage traders lose and vice versa.

Prediction Markets

The Rollie team believes trading should be interactive, social, and straightforward. Our prediction markets (coming soon) offer a simple and gamified trading experience with no risk of liquidation, access to small-cap tokens, and a hedge against volatile markets.


Our governance and utility token, $ROLI (ERC20), enhances the functionalities of our protocol. As an RF token holder, you can influence and shape our platform's future development and receive some platform fees through staking in our [Stake]. More exciting profit-generating features will be rolling out soon with $ROLI. Stay tuned!

Join the vibrant Rollie community today and unlock the endless possibilities of decentralized social trading. Enjoy the user-friendly interface, high security, and cost-efficient features that Rollie Finance offers. Experience the future of trading with us!

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