Stake $esROLI

$esROLI is the escrowed version of our governance and utility token $ROLI. You can stake earn and participate in governance (coming soon) with $esROLI on Rollie Finance just like you can with $ROLI; the only difference is that $esROLI can only be used within the Rollie platform. If you wish to use $esROLI outside the Rollie platform, you must withdraw and convert your $esROLI to $ROLI (please see "esROLI Vesting" section).

How to Stake $esROLI?

  1. Get $esROLI from staking $ROLI (see "Stake $ROLI" section).

  2. Connect your Metamask wallet to Rollie Finance by clicking the "Connect" button in the upper right corner.

  3. Go to our website's "Stake" tab and select the "$esROLI" tab.

  4. Enter "the number of $esROLI" you wish to stake.

  5. Let your $esROLI work for you & come back later to claim more $esROLI rewards!

$esROLI Staking - Basic Staking Rewards:

A total reward of $esROLI tokens (amount decided periodically) will be allocated to the $ROLI staking pool. Your rewards will depend on how long you have staked your $ROLI, $ROLI staked, and the total $ROLI staked.

$esROLI Staking - Tiered Staking Rewards:

The Quarterly Tiered Staking Reward Program (with details to be announced periodically) will offer additional $esROLI incentives for users that meet a certain amount of trading/staking/other requirements. Stay tuned to our Twitter for updates.

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