Stake $ROLI

Our governance and utility token, $ROLI (ERC20), enhances the functionalities of our protocol. As an $ROLI token holder, you can influence and shape our platform's future development (governance coming soon) and earn $esRF rewards.

How to Stake $ROLI?

  1. Get $ROLI from Coming Soon.

  2. Connect your Metamask wallet to Rollie Finance by clicking the "Connect" button in the upper right corner.

  3. Go to our website's "Stake" tab and select the "$ROLI" tab.

  4. Enter "the number of $ROLI" you wish to stake.

  5. Let your $ROLI work for you & come back later to claim your $esRF rewards!

$ROLI Staking - Basic Staking Rewards:

A total reward of $esRF tokens (amount decided periodically) will be allocated to the $ROLI staking pool. Your rewards will depend on how long you have staked your $ROLI, $ROLI staked, and the total $ROLI staked.

$ROLI Staking - Sharing of Trading Fees:

A portion of the protocol trading fee will also be distributed to $ROLI stakers. For the amount, please take a look at the Tokenomics page.

$ROLI Staking - Tiered Staking Rewards:

The Quarterly Tiered Staking Reward Program (with details to be announced periodically) will offer additional $esRF incentives for users that meet a certain amount of trading/staking/other requirements. Stay tuned to our Twitter for updates.

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