If you're new to trading using Rollie, here's a step-by-step overview guide on how to initiate and terminate trades using the Rollie Finance web application (more detail in [Opening Trades], [Managing Trades], and [Closing Trades] sections):

  1. Make sure you have USDC (as collateral for trading) and ETH (for gas fee) on Scroll Mainnet. Otherwise, you learn how to obtain them here.

  2. Make sure your Metamask wallet is switched to Scroll Mainnet. If this is your first time using Scroll Mainnet or Metamask, follow this Tutorial to set things up.

  3. Make sure you have a Metamask wallet connected to the Rollie Finance platform. If you haven't connected your wallet yet, click the "Connect" button in the upper right corner.

  4. Select the "Trade" tab to access the trading interface.

  5. Select the asset you want to trade. For example, select the ETH/USD trading pair to trade ETH. All the assets supported can be found here in the Pairs List.

  6. Enter the amount of asset you want to trade under "Position Size" and set the "Leverage" you wish to apply for this trade. The trading interface will automatically calculate the "Collateral" in USDC you must pay for this trade.

  7. Confirm the details of the trade and submit your transaction. You will be prompted to authorize the transaction using your Metamask wallet.

  8. Once the transaction is confirmed on your Metamask wallet, you will see your order under "Pending Orders," "Open Orders," or "Order History," depending on whether the order has been executed and/or closed.

  9. If the order placed is still under "Pending Orders," if you wish to terminate it, find the trade you want to terminate and select "Cancel." You will be prompted to confirm the cancellation. Confirm the transaction on your wallet, and once the transaction is confirmed on-chain, the tokens will be returned to your wallet.

Following these steps, you can quickly initiate and terminate trades on the Rollie Finance web application. Just to remind you, you must have sufficient ETH tokens on Scroll Mainnet in your wallet to cover transaction fees and USDC tokens to use as collateral for your trades.

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