At Rollie, our community thrives on engagement, trust, and growth. We have built our platform around five core pillars that reflect our values and the importance of every user's contribution. Here's how you can earn ROLLs by aligning with these pillars:

1. Daily Commitment

  • Check-In: Your consistent engagement matters. By checking in daily, you show your dedication to Rollie, and we reward that commitment.

2. Community Advocacy

  • Tweet: Sharing your positive experiences about Rollie helps us grow. When you tweet about us, you are recognized for your role as a Rollie ambassador.

3. Network Expansion

  • Referral: Expanding our community is key. Successfully referring new users not only benefits them but also brings rewards to you, fostering a network of mutual growth.

4. Financial Trust

  • Stake: Trust is built through commitment. Staking USDC in our Vault demonstrates your trust in Rollie, and we reward this financial commitment. Staking is strongly relevant to the amount you staked and the time you staked, the earlier the better.

5. Active Participation

  • Trade: A dynamic market is driven by active trading. By participating in trades, you contribute to the vibrancy of our marketplace and are rewarded for your activity. Trading is strongly relevant to certain parameters

    • Volume

    • Open Interest

    • Fee Generated

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